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Do you know the wizarding world of Harry potter in USJ?


Hi, world,I’m shouta

today, I wanna introduce the wizarding world of Harry Potter in USJ!!!

①What is USJ?

In the first place,do you know USJ ?

It is Universal Studio Japan!!!

It is one of the most famous theme park in japan.

USJ is in osaka(center of japan).

When we go to it , we can enjoy Jurassic Park ,the Minion’s, Spider man’s, Terminator’s and Harry Potter’s world.

there a lot of enjoyable atractions in USJ.

not only atractions ,but the view is also wonderful!!

I recommend you go to it!

②What is wizarding world of Harry Potter?

It like a town which Harry went to in the movie.

this place is very beautiful and exciting!

And we can see the Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry!!!

I will show you

inside of castle
inside of castle.these pictures can speak….
outside,bery beautiful…

Ofcourse the castle is very beatiful in the daytime ,but more beautiful at night…..what a significant!!!

When you go to japan, I recommend you visit these places!

thank you

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