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Gin palace (bar) Melbourne


If you love Gin, I recommend you go to here.

You can drink so many gin brands in here and see the beautiful interior design. It will give you a pleasant time.

So today I introduce you to Gin palace!!!

Where is Gin Palace

you should take care of the place because it is little bit dificult to find the place.

There is Gin palace in this street

And you’ll see this door on your right.(When I went here, I didn’t know the place in detail, so it took 15 minutes to find….)

I entered the GIn palace

What a beautiful interior is!

I’m not used to such a gorgeous bar, so I ‘m confused …

But very nice interior, isn’t it? I wolud go here if I had a girlfriend…

drinking gin & tonic

Actually, I wanted to drink gin on the rocks, but my English skill is so poor, I couldn’t accept but bartender’s recommend.

I said I wanna drink Australian gin, so bartender choosed but I can’t remenber the brands

soooo delicious!!

I’m surprised about so many brands (over 15 brands) in Australia because beer is very cheap and every one drink it when I went to pub.

I love gin, so I must study more….

How was it ? highly recommend!

see you ~~~

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