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The good place to get a job in Melbourne, Australia

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Do you have a student visa or working holiday visa ? Are you looking for a job as a waiter, bartender and barista?

I know it is difficult for non-native speaker to get a job in Australia . Especially in Australia , experiences are most important to get jobs and I think almost all people who watch this website don’t have enough experience, skill and language level to serve meals and drinks to customers. Yes, me too.

Today I want to share information about good places where you get a job more easily.

I am glad if you get a job after you read this.

And this website is the place where I practise writing in English so sometimes I will mistake, sorry.

you should do to get a job


There are a lot of methods if you want to find a job. For example using Face book, website (like gumtree)and hand in resume directly.

I think if you don’t have experience about those kind of jobs, you should go to restaurant, cafe and bar directly, because you have no choice except you express your personality to managers.

Of course you can apply via internet, but the manager doesn’t know your personality and will choose more experienced person.

Don’t be shy! Don’t be afraid to be refused!

When you go to restaurants and bars, you will be refused so many times. It is obvious that manager want to hire more experienced and well speaking Englsh person.

I have been refused over 20 times and finally get a job. of course it is easier to get a job as a kitchen hand and cleaner, but you should find a jobs like a waiter and something like that. It is a good oppotunity to improve your English skill and learn culture through communicating with native speaker.

good place to get a job

Lygon St

My agent said to me that there are a lot of Italian restaurants in Lygon St and many people work in here.

It is because worker’s conditions change so quickly. Maybe you know, the person who has working holiday visa work the same place for only 6 month, and there is hopping job in here.

Chapel St

This place is a little bit far from CBD, however it is a good place to get a job and you can use train (Sandringham) or tram( no.6) from Flinders street station.

Especially, if you want to be a bartender, this is the best place in any other place, because so many bar and night club are in this street.

when I looked for a job as a bartender, the bartender whom I met recommend this place to get first job.

Near Crown casino

My friend recommend this place(including Casino). It is because there are a lot of restaurant.

But there are many high price restaurants so if you are not confident about your English level, little bit difficult to get a job, I think.

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